The little Thatcher in Taxland

Once upon a time in Taxland, the most taxed country in the galaxy.
Where everything was taxed, even taxes.

Taxlanders were becoming poorer year after year.
Every hours taxes and rules were increasing

Freedom was becoming a far memory

All seems lost.
even hope was forbidden.

in a countryside,
a welcoming house

There, living a little girl named Thatcher

Little Thatcher loved freedom, private property and her plush.
she’s going to fight for these basic human rights in this unfriendly world.

David Gouny's escaping from Taxland

David Gouny begun his career as a street artist.
His artworks have been exhibited in art galleries, published in books and magazines.
Which have been collected around the world.

"The work of David Gouny is not only full of imagination, but also political."

A croquer, exhibition book

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