David Gouny



Little Thatcher is a little girl who lives in a lovely house in a flowery country side.

His best friend forever is a plush, a statue of liberty in fabric.
For her, freedom and private property are fondamentals.

But, the safe haven where she lives can’t hide what happens surroundings.
Out of his backyard, she can’t deny the terrible truth,
she lives in Taxland.
The most taxed country in the galaxy

In Taxland,
the supreme leader is a green giant named Taxmonster.

Taxmonster has always a good reason to justify a new tax, less freedom.

But Little Thatcher, a tough little girl will never give up the hope to live in a good country

She’s going to fight against Taxmonster, everywhere, for these basic human rights in this unfriendly world.

"Call me David Thatcher!"

David Gouny begun his career as a street artist.
His artworks have been exhibited in art galleries, published in books and magazines.
Which have been collected around the world.

"The work of David Gouny is not only full of imagination, but also political."

A croquer, exhibition book

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